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The First Photo for Ender's Game Is Here—Boy is Ender Tall!

So far an enigma in this stage of production, we've yet to see really anything from Ender's Game since the film started shooting a few months back. But that changed this week, as we got our first real look at the film courtesy it's first official still.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly (who premiered the image), here's the full image below:

fl-enders-game 510x380

Yeah, not a whole lot to go off of, but there's a couple things of note. First, its strange to see how tall these kids are, further suggesting that the age limit will be hiked up quite a bit to not shock viewers to much. Which yeah, does kind of suck but, hey, at least they aren't 17 years old. They still look pre-pubescent, at least in my opinion. And against all odds, Harrison Ford is looking perfect as Hyrum Graff, at least more so than I expected him to look.

Expect to see very little of Ender's Game until Spring 2013 at the earliest, in which I predict it's marketing campaign will REALLY begin.

The film opens November 1, 2013.


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