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News Bits: Parker, Madagascar, Nightmare on Elm Street, Star Wars, Carrie, & More!

This week's News Bit bring a little bit of everything, from new clips, images, release dates, some blu-ray news, and not just a little fan service.  Come on in to check out all the little news worth checking out in the film industry from the last couple weeks!

The world of movies is packed with tons of news both big and small.  Sometimes the smaller pieces of information fall through the cracks, or we come acorss amazing articles from fellow movie journlaists that we feel are worth bringing to your attention.  Thus, we have News Bits as a place to compile all of those things into one neat and tidy package. If you've got a picece of news, interesting articles, or even unique art related to movies that you think should be featured in News Bits, be sure to let us know by shooting and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

* Yahoo got a new featurette for the Jason Statham action film Parker.

* The supernatural film, Beautiful Creatures, has had a quick release date change.  It'll now release on Feburary 14th, Valentine's Day.  Be prepared gentlemen...this is probably what you'll be doing. 

* Wrong, the next film from Rubber director Quentin Dupieux, got a brand new trailer.  The film hits theaters on March 29th, but will be on VOD February 1st.

* Speaking of trailers, check out the first trailer for Werner Herzog's newest film, Happy People: A Year in the Taiga.

* You can watch the debut trailer for A Place at the Table over on iTunes, where it will also be available for full download on March 1st. 

MK 2

* Anthony Dale, who plays Scorpion in the next season of Kevin Tancheron's Mortal Kombat Legacy web-series tweeted this picture of the cast in costume.  It's pretty much our first real look at everyone from this season. 



* Hard to say exactly how accurate this is since we've heard no casting announcements or anything from the studios, but Production Weekly has proven to be accurate in the past.  Hopefully they are with this news about the upcoming Ninja Turtles film.

Madly Madagascar

* A brand new Madagascar adventure, Madly Madagascar, is coming to DVD on Janurary 29th, and focuses on Valentine's Day.



bluray nightmare

* Are you a fan of classic horror?  Then you'll be very interested in the Ultimate Nightmare on Elmstreet blu-ray collection that releases on March 5th. 

* Scriptshadow presents the Top 10 Scripts of the year.

* Another top list of directors for Star Wars Episode VII.

* Django Unchained re-imagined as a TV sitcom.


* New character poster for the Carrie remake.

* Take a look at these 10 amazing home theaters. 


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