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Rumor Control: First Teaser Poster for Jurassic Park IV Revealed?

Though Jurassic Park 4 has been pushed back into 2015, that doesn't necessarily mean the studios can't start hyping it up as soon as possible.  This afternoon brings a leaked image of what looks like could be the first teaser poster for the upcoming sequel.  Click on through to take a gander and our take on whether or not it's the real deal.

Today's rumor comes from Movie Web who had an anynomous tipster send in an image of the poster that supposedly comes straight from the Amblin offices:

"A friend of mine works for Amblin Entertainment, and he told me that a teaser poster will be released soon for the 2015 blockbuster, Jurassic Park IV. I didn't believed him, so he just sent me a picture from the poster, without any comment. It seems valid, but I don't know for sure. I think it will come to light soon!"

JP4 Poster

Well it certainly looks official, though that doesn't always mean it is.  It seems odd to think that they'd be releasing a poster (even a teaser) for a film that's still two years away.  However, considering how massive this franchise is, and with SDCC just around the corner, it may actually be the perfect time to unveil it.  It's understandable that Universal would want to get the hype train moving as fast as possible on this film. 

As for the poster itself, it's not terribly exciting, but harkens back to the original film via the tag line and the image of the amber mosquito.  Considering all the reports so far claim the story will take place once again on the original island from the first film, it would make sense that the marketing would play on that more. 

While it could just be a hoax (or even a marketing design that will never get used), the likelihood of this being the real deal is pretty high.  It wouldn't surprise me in the least to see this officially revealed in the next week or so. What do you guys think?


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