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Kevin Feige Says There Are No Plans for Any Female Superhero Films Coming from Marvel


Marvel has a whole plethora of films scheduled for the next few years but none of them feature a female main character. Marvel boss Kevin Feige has nixed rumors of a Black Widow solo film? Will we ever see a super heroine headlining a Marvel franchise?



Marvel has big film plans. With Disney, they’ve scheduled two more Captain America films, two more Avengers movies, one more Thor film, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and Doctor Strange.  They would also like Robert Downey to do another Iron Man movie. There are also rumors of possible films featuring the Black Panther, the Inhumans and maybe even another Hulk movie.  Fox has two more X-Men films and another Wolverine on the horizon, as well as a planned Fantastic Four project. Sony Pictures has three Amazing Spider Man movies on the plate. None of these star a female lead character.


The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the FF have one female member. The X-Men have several, but the focus of the X-Films is on Wolverine or on the combo of Prof. X and Magneto. No upcoming Marvel movies are focused on an established Marvel heroine.


There is, admittedly, a poor track record for super-hero films about female characters—for Marvel and DC both. Red Sonja, Electra, Catwoman and Supergirl all crashed and burned at the box office. This unfortunate history has made movie companies skittish about featuring Super ladies in their own movie. DC has dragged its feet about making a film out of the most popular female hero of all—Wonder Woman.


The positive reaction to Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow led to some rumors about a solo film for the red haired Avenger. However, Kevin Feige has shot down that idea. He says, Frankly if we do a Black Widow movie after Age of Ultron, when she’s been central in three or four movies, I don’t think we’d get the quote unquote credit for it. People would say ‘She’s already a big giant superhero!’ But if we had a great idea, we’d do it... I like the idea if we’re going to do a female lead, to do a new one. Do a wholly new character, do an origin story... We’ve talked a lot about Captain Marvel. I think that would be very cool. "


But despite this talk, none of the 15 green-lit Marvel projects or any of the rumored films are taking a leap of faith for a non-male star. Even DC is too gun-shy to get Wonder Woman on the screen. When will we see another super hero film that stars a woman?


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