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Luke Evans Gets Medieval in First Posters for Dracula Untold

Universal Pictures has been keen on kickstarting their beloved "monster" movie properties for a while now.  Their Werewolf reboot didn't do so hot, and recently they've lost another director for The Mummy remake, so things seem to be a little rocky right now.  At least one thing is moving forward as planned, and that's their new take on the classic Dracula story.  They've released a pair of new posters for you to enjoy, so come in and check them out.

Vampires have always been fascinating to people, and in pop culture they've become a big deal and have remained so for the last several years.  Hollywood's love affair with the creatures of the night started with Universal's Dracula films, and they're hoping to recapture audiences interest with this new take on the iconic Count.  This isn't the same story, instead it's a blend of historical facts (dealing with Vlad the Impaler) mixing with the mythology surrounding him. 

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So it's basically an origin story and set up to provide more action intensive moments that previous films like it (possibly).  We've got a pair of new posters for the film that give audiences their first look at the titular character, played by Luke Evans.  The one above is the domestic poster, and the one below is the international one.


Frankly, I'm digging this International poster a lot more.  Something about the composition works way better and feels a little less generic.  Interestingly enough, both of these posters give off a strong comic book/superhero vibe to me.  Perhaps it's all the bats flying around, but this doesn't feel like a Dracula type horror movie poster.  Still, I'm intrigued and am interested to see what the first trailer will bring.

Luke Evans (Fast & Furious 6, Immortals) stars in Dracula Untold, the origin story of the man who became Dracula.  Gary Shore directs and Michael De Luca produces the epic action-adventure.

What do you guys think of these posters?  Are you interested in a new version of Dracula? Dracula Untold will be released on October 17, 2014


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