Jon Favreau Signs On to Direct Live Action The Lion King


Disney has announced plans to produce a live action Lion King movie. The classic that has seen multiple sequels, a television series, and even a Broadway release now will return to the screen and is going to be helmed by Jungle Book director Jon Favreau. Add this to the list of recent movies Maleficent, Cinderella, and the upcoming Beauty and the Beast. Favreau’s The Jungle Book was great and I can totally see the same tech used to bring the massively popular movie to life.


The 1994 movie is still regarded as one of the best Disney has ever produced. It had a great cast, memorable songs, and let’s face it, we all still wince in horror at Mufasa being thrown off the cliff. Multiple releases over the years have proved it’s still a draw in most forms so this is actually a movie I would be excited for as it is one of my favorites. No dates announced as of yet but we’ll be on top of it as they are. 

-Jason The X

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