JJ Abrams Could Return for Star Wars: Episode IX


For a while now, we’ve known that Rian Johnson would be taking over directing duties on the Sequel Trilogy after Abrams’ The Force Awakens, and even heard word that he could potentially finish out the trilogy as a director.  Today, however, the scoopers over on Latino Review, have heard from multiple sources that Disney/Lucasfilm is hoping to bring JJ back for Episode IX

We can only report it as a rumor this far out, but those at Disney who have seen footage from The Force Awakens are very happy with what Abrams has delivered. J.J. himself has been vocal about how crazy the process has been, but has given equal time to his love of the series.

With Star Wars: Episode IX not due out until 2019, there’s obviously a LOT of time for things to change.  There’ve been rumblings that Abrams hasn’t always gotten along with Lucasfilm execs and has been battling them for control/power over certain aspects of the film.  Supposedly he wanted a 2016 release date, and he was denied.  He also didn’t want to release the trailer so soon, but was told to.  Stuff like that.  

But we all know how much the man loves the property, and with a 2019 release window, he’d have more time to work on the film and do it on the schedule he prefers.  It wouldn’t exactly surprise me if he came back to finish the trilogy and if Disney is this impressed, I’d be happy to see it happen!  Time will tell, however, and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 

Would you like to see Abrams come back to direct another Star Wars movie?