Justice League Could be Affleck’s Final Outing as Batman


Ben Affleck made his big debut as the caped crusader in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and despite fans’ conflicted feelings on the movie, it’s hard to deny that his portrayal of Batman is pretty damn solid.  As such many were looking forward to seeing him reprise the role in Justice League, as well as his own solo film…But our time with this Batman may be coming to an end real soon.  

The first rumblings of Affleck leaving the role came about when he dropped out of directing the solo Batman film, rumors which seemed to be quashed when Matt Reeves took over directing duties and assured fans he wanted Affleck to stay.  Then, as word has come out that Reeves is starting the film over from scratch, ditching Affleck’s original script and the actor dropping out of Netflix movie Triple Frontier to “focus on his family”, the rumblings began anew.  

It seems, however, that where there’s smoke there’s fire and THR has heard Warner Bros. is actively looking at options to “usher out Affleck’s Batman gracefully.”  While there’s no information on how this might come about, it’s believed to be a change that would be mentioned/referred to within the films themselves, keeping the DCEU intact.  


The comics have replaced Bruce Wayne as Batman periodically, and as this version introduced an older Batman to begin with, it doesn’t seem so crazy to have a replacement take over.  Both Knightfall and Battle for the Cowl story arcs have seen Bruce Wayne replaced (both times ending up with Dick Grayson taking over in the end) so perhaps we’ll see an adaptation of these stories to make the swap.  

Who knows, but as credible sources go, this seems reliable.  Much as I would hate to see Affleck and his Batman go so soon, if he needs time/space to be with his family and settle himself he has to do what’s best in that regard.  Meanwhile, Affleck is at SDCC this weekend to promote Justice League, which is still set to launch November 17, 2017.  

What do you think about this rumor?  If it comes to pass, how would you like to see the replacement handled?