3 Reasons To Be Excited For The Amazing Spider-Man


The Costume Kicks Ass

When they first started leaking images of the costume, I hated it. Without all the special effects and color correction it looked like a Twilight cosplay outfit for girls. I hated it, the fans hated it, everyone hated it. This is where the Entertainment Weekly kicked in. They had several images of Andrew Garfield wearing the suit, and to my surprise it looks awesome (you can check out the images right here on TMP!).

The suit pressed up against a black background with all the color correction is exactly what I (and many others) needed to see. Even better is how the lighting is going to work with the suit when its in action. Imagine Spidey in dark corners or buildings, and then picture him as he swings between buildings. Hopefully the editing crew can keep the quality high so we forget what the costume really looks like. There are still a few changes I would like made to it, but I honestly can’t say I hate it anymore. At least it doesn’t look like we are getting Spider-Girl instead.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

I wasn’t too sure about Andrew Garfield at all. His goofy looking hair cut added to my dilemma of “I don’t think he can be Spidey” but recent public appearances have changed my mind. Planned or not, the Comic-Con appearance he had was what sold it for me. Him appearing in the crowd and talking about how much he respects this role is when it clicked that this might be something absolutely awesome. He sounds, and appears to be, entirely dedicated to this role in every way. I think he can pull off the nerdy high school boy style too.

Combine that with the fact Emma Stone will be playing alongside him and the chances of me NOT liking the acting are very slim. Emma Stone, as many of you know, has become my favorite actress due to some recent movies and I’m really interested to see how she pulls this one off. Gwen Stacey isn’t exactly your comedic type (that was more so M.J.); she is more of a down to earth nerdy girl that supports Peter when she can. The closest thing Emma has in regards to that was ZombieLand, which is when I knew I’d like her as an actress.

New Origins, New Stories

The prime reason I am super excited about this reboot is the stories it holds within it. Already we are seeing the reboot being done correctly. Peter Parker is in high school, not college, which will allow him to be a bit more of a nerd and be a little more relate-able. He has Gwen Stacy by his side, which any Spidey fan will tell you was his first true love. She of course has an epic story in the comic book world, and we might get to see her “outcome” on the big screen if this new series is a hit at the box office. Hopefully they’ll find a Mary Jane also, which will add even more dynamics to the characters.

I’m interested in these dynamic because I grew up with the cartoons which have included Gwen several times. The more recent Spectacular Spider-Man even had his love interest be Gwen instead of M.J. and that made the entire show feel awesome and fresh. I honestly want Hollywood to finally do something big with a comic book movie, they feel so afraid to do anything. They get two or three movies in and suddenly they feel the need to reboot it and do an origin story. How many origin stories have we had in the past 5 years alone? I want something new, I want something big, and I want it to show why comic book fans love comics so much. Gwen is the first step in the right direction if they do indeed give her the right “outcome.”

Speaking of characters, the reboot is also focusing on The Lizard, one of Spidey’s first real opponents. This showcases how they’re exploring new villains and new stories, so my hopes of future movies is improving. If they take the same steps that the very successful animated shows took, we could be in for one heck of a ride. (What other villains will we see? Well I’ll tell you here on TMP what I want to see soon). Anybody that has ever touched anything with Spider-Man on it (that wasn’t a movie) will know how many absolutely awesome villains he faces. All these people will also know why so many didn’t like Spider-Man 3. Yeah it wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t do Venom justice at all. A Venom movie should take several films to accomplish, and he should be the main focus of the movie. You can’t do this? Then don’t attempt it.

Is anyone a fan of The New Avengers comics? Well the trailer makes mention of Peters parents, which in the comics helped him get into The New Avengers if I’m not mistaken….could we be seeing Spider-Man in The Avengers 2? This on its own is very exciting as the idea of Spider-Man appearing next to Thor and Captain America is a dream right now. Unlike the Justice League, the Avengers feels a lot more dynamic. Popular characters take leading roles and are commonly switched out or changed for many reasons.

There are plenty of things changing and my number one hope is that the studio decides to take things slower. With the recent Raimi run, they were rushing things. They jumped right into Green Goblin, skipped a massive number of villains to get into a poorly done Venom, and by that time they were so far ahead that they had hardly anything to go to. Spider-Man 2 was my favorite of the series because of Doc Ock and the awesome story. They could do this with any character in the comics and that’s what I want to see. A series of movies with amazing stories in each one. Don’t jump to Venom so fast, don’t have Peter grow up so fast, and don’t push it too far until you have to. The jump between Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2 wasn’t that massive, but I still think it was too much. I don’t think Spider-Man needs to grow up and change within one gap between movies.

The Fears I Still Have

Of course I still have some fears that things will go slightly wrong. The number one fear I have is that they are attempting to follow the Twilight and The Dark Knight trends, and many of you noticed this. He never smiled, the environment was rather dark, and he was depressed through the whole thing. Every image we get from the studio has been rather dark and nothing too up beat like the first two Spider-Man films.

This is what I don’t want. Spider-Man isn’t a dark story, and Hollywood seems hell bent on turning everything dark (just look at this news on Green Lantern 2). Liven it up a bit, he is friggin’ Spider-Man, he should be happy about that. I don’t mind if the first bit of the movie is like this as it explains things, but do we really want to turn Spider-Man into Batman? The rumors of Superman doing that were bad enough.

I just read a Spider-Man comic from a few years ago and it has a character in it that explains why Spider-Man is so awesome, and it really connected to why I love the character myself. In issue 573 that character states, he keeps going no matter what happens, no matter how people treat him, no matter what. He doesn’t complain, give up, or cry about it, he just does it. They need the same character dynamics in the movie. I understand you don’t want to mimic the comics, that’s fine, but at least have the same morals, dynamics, and reasons why he is Spider-Man…..

Overall I am very excited to see this film. I still have some minor doubts, but I’m sure it will be cleared up when they release more trailers and eventually the final movie. You can guarantee I’ll be standing in line to catch the midnight showing, unless of course we somehow score some advance tickets? How about you guys? Do you like the direction this is going? What are doubts you have?