Awesome Video Games Based on Movies


However Captain America wasn’t like this, it was actually good, but reviews don’t seem to agree. If you look at it, a lot of reviewers didn’t seem to even give the game a chance and auto bashed it simply for being based on a movie. Meanwhile the fans that have played the game and created user reviews have loved it. So it got me thinking….what other games based off of movies were actually fun to play?

WANTED : Weapons of Fate

This is really one of the first strikes WB took when trying to improve their game base. It wasn’t rushed out the door to meet the deadline of the movie coming out, instead it came out much later. It is loosely based on the comics more so than the movie, but I think its fair to say it was inspired by the movie. The game is a third person shooter that has very awesome cover mechanics and a compelling story to go along with it. There isn’t a whole lot of depth, but to say its overlooked would still be not giving it enough credit.

I put it on this list for that simple reason, its overlooked and is the quality these movie games should have. It wasn’t very long, but it was long enough to keep your interest and satisfy you. They had basic cover mechanics combined with movie elements, such as curving bullets, which made it a fun experience. Giving the game its own storyline was also a fantastic idea, as it now has its own identity. Movie based games are generally basic advertisements for the movie itself. A group of interns seem o make them all and people generally hate them. WANTED changed this for me. It actually seemed like a good game, and overall it made me want to watch the movie just so I could continue the experience.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Leading off what WB created with WANTED they kept the same quality with Batman Arkham Asylum. No Arkham Asylum isn’t an official movie title, however it was planned that way. It was supposed to release alongside the movie, but much like WANTED, WB decided to delay it and make a good game instead that used mechanics from the Batman Begins game. What a great idea that was huh? However the real reason Batman made this list was because of Batman Returns. Batman Returns was made by Konami on the SNES and was one of my favorite titles. This was when side scrolling fighters were still popular, much like the FPS of today. It followed the movie well, had a fantastic sound track, and did Batman justice for the first time.

Picking a very specific title to put on this list is what made this so hard. Much like every comic book hero, he has had his fair share of bad video games. Batman Beyond and Batman: Gotham City Racer come to mind rather fast….However if it wasn’t for he darker tone of Nolan’s movie and the attempt WB made with Batman Begins, I doubt we would have the level of quality we got with Arkham Asylum. Luckily WB studios isn’t playing directly off the movies, but with Bane being a major villain and Catwoman also showing up in the next game, its clear that the movies are indeed playing a role.

Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man is a little trickier than Batman, as his games have always explored alternate variations of gameplay. Spider-Man on the Sega Genesis (one of my favorite games of all time) had you climbing up walls, shooting webs, and fighting Venom. Already a variation as it took the standard side scrolling mechanics and added some depth. Spider-Man 2 (for the PS2 and Xbox) found a way to do this yet again. You finally got to be Spider-Man in an open world environment. Scary right? What made it so great was the fact that it was first super hero game to do this correctly. Everything worked well and it went on to be one of the best rated superhero games to date. And to think, it was based off a movie AND met its deadline.

This makes the list because not only is Spider-Man my all time favorite hero (and Spider-Man 2 was the best movie of the series), but it was a fantastic game that opened the possibilities. You got to swing around New York City, it was so awesome feeling like Spider-Man! It was the first game to let you explore a world at your own will as a super hero and is a game that will never be forgotten. Sadly they couldn’t replicate the experience with Spider-Man 3: The Game, but let’s forget that ever happened….I say we cross our fingers and hope we get a similar game when The Amazing Spider-Man releases next year!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars is just as big in the video game world as it is in the movie and comic book world. However it all started way back on the Atari, SNES, and arcades. You know those places you had to put quarters in to play a game for a few minutes? It was called the Star Wars Trilogy and it was taking the gaming world by storm, allowing you to fight Darth Vader yourself! Star Wars was also pushed into the late end of the arcade boom with Konami titles named…well…Star Wars. These early games followed the episodes of the movies, the best being Empire Strikes Back (of course!) and several games were brought about in-between movie releases to keep fans happy.

The absolute best Star Wars game to date has to be Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The game was released for Xbox and PC and was noted to be one of the best RPG titles for the generation, heck it could still be looked at as one of the best titles period. The game had stellar voice acting, great visuals, and best of all it brought the Star Wars universe to life better than any other game.

Picking just one Star Wars game was rather tough for me because of how many titles that have spawned off of it. I’m a Star Wars nerd and I enjoy a lot of the stories that come out of the universe, thats not to say some don’t suck, but even a majority of the games based off the movies themselves were rather good. Star Wars Episode 3 was at the very least decent?

Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay

This is probably the only game in recent years that was based off a movie and somehow outshined the movie itself. Chronicles of Riddick was a decent movie, but the video game was one of the highest rated titles released during this period. The game is an FPS (however you were normally using stuff other than guns). The cool thing about it though; it was one of the first titles to mix stealth based gameplay with combat all into an FPS game. The story that went along with it was also kick ass, and even spawned a sequel without a movie release.

I was debating on making this the number one example on the list, as it is the one game that really sticks out to me. For some odd reason, who knows why, the developers decided to take a little pride in this game. Remember this came out during a time when Activision and EA were milking the hell out of movie games and churning out crap movie titles. This one changed it all by bringing new gaming mechanics to a tired FPS genre and tying it all together with an awesome story. Like I’ve stated earlier, generally movie games are made rather fast and pushed out to make a quick buck. This one felt different, it felt like you could actually enjoy the experience and not like you just blew 50 bucks for an advertisment. Sadly the movie couldn’t follow suit in most circumstances though…

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Much like Star Wars its rather hard to take Lord of the Rings and make it suck. However like most video games, developers can and will find a way to do this. Surprisingly this wasn’t done through movie based titles for LOTR. No those were actually good, mores specificly The Return of the King was probably one of my most favorite games on the PS2. I played it for hours on end, even after I’d completed the main story. Another honorable mention would be what is considered the best LOTR game released so far, Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. A turn based title with hours upon hours of content to explore.

The series has expanded into fantastic MMO titles, along with several other titles that explore the lore of the entire universe. I’ll admit that the MMO probably isn’t the best game out there, but it was the first MMO to make me want to pay monthly to play. It is slowly becoming another Star Wars, and it can all lead back to the original games that were based off the movies. Looking at it, LOTR has a similar entrance in video games. The titles were good, spawned several absolutely horrible ones, and are adapting to create popular genre changing titles. The only question is, what will happen when The Hobbit releases as it already has a video game?

GoldenEye 007

Who here has played video games? Who here has played GoldenEye 007 for N64? I bet almost every single one of you has kept your hand up.  GoldenEye is one the most popular games to ever release, and was a powerhouse back in it’s day. By today’s standards it’s not mind blowing, or out of this world, yet everyone with a N64 played and owned this game. You are Bond, James Bond, and you are playing along with the story of the movie.

It had great game mechanics and was a very well polished title, and revolutionized the first person shooter genre, by creating many of the standards found in FPS games today. It wasn’t so much about the single player though. It was more about inviting your friends over and playing a 4 player match killing each other.

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

There have been a few pretty good Transformers games released on the new consoles. Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen was the first one to really step it up. The first Transformers game on the new consoles was decent, but still your generic movie title. So when Revenge of the Fallen released people were shocked and didn’t want to believe their friends who said it was….actually good. You get to play as the AutoBots in a seemingly open world enviroment full of destruction and mayhem. It kicked butt, especially if you were a Transformers fan.

Michal Bay might not be the greatest story teller, but Transformers is another hard one to mess up, so the games were legit. Revenge of the Fallen also spawned War for Cybertron as a stand alone release that was also well received (which is why this game makes the list). They decided to go the extra step and make a terrific game, something that you should know impresses me at this point. It offered a new experience, and while generic at times, was a fun game.

Overall these are games that I have experienced myself that were fantastic additions to the movies they were made for. There are tons of terrible movie advertisements. Look at what could possibly be the worst game this generation called Thor. However it’s the simple fact some developers do take the time to create fantastic games and these games fall into the same pool that Thor will be tossed in. I don’t think it’s fair, so I give credit where credit is due. So if you are interested in playing a new game, perhaps getting a new take on some of your favorite movies, go check these out!