Comic iPhone/iPad game film adaptation?


Now the next possible source of film ideas are leaning in the direction of games such as those found on your iPhones and iPads. A high in demand game, Angry Birds (sold more than 6.5 million downloads) is holding meetings with studios and talent agencies to transform the game into a multi-platform franchise including a scripted film.

For those who are not familiar with the game, it slingshots these round (well most) firebirds into fortresses of green pigs who have ran off with the birds’ eggs. From that description alone makes me wonder why they would even contemplate wasting the money to turn it into a movie?


In the video game, as a player advances levels, the birds increase or changes firing powers and abilities. The enemy (pig) modifies their methods as well by protecting themselves (or escaping) in different fortresses made of wood, glass or bricks. Doesn’t that sound quite familiar? Instead of the big bad wolf to blow away their homes, it is these awkwardly shaped balls of angry birds. Catching the online trailer for the game it reminds me of the old school Super Nintendo games. What is Hollywood coming to?

This would be the first attempt at a mobile game adaption for the big screen. Creators of the game, Rovio, ideally would like to take it to the popular levels that Pixar has achieved. Claymation would be the basis for this movie construction for theaters (or possibly television) if any deals were made. Nothing concrete is in the works but it could possibly render a verdict.  How soon? Who knows. Hopefully as time stretches, it could deter the bigwigs in the industry from making such a poor decision. We have enough off the wall, meager movies that make it to theaters..let’s not try for another.