Directors’ Trademarks: Television Commercials


Many famous movie directors started off their careers making television commercials. Others have directed TV commercials even when busy with their movies after they’ve become famous. TV commercials are typically a medium where a director will have more freedom and more say over the final product than in movies or with TV shows. Plus, directing a TV spot is a lot easier than directing a movie.  Therefore, for big-name movie directors this type of work can be a somewhat more enjoyable and maybe even relaxing way to keep doing what you love to do. 

apple 1984 commercial

While some commercials by famous directors are rather bland and wouldn’t really stand out, others are brimming with their trademarks and signature elements. Below we have put together a collection of ten TV commercials from the 1980’s to today. Each of these TV commercials was directed by a big-name movie director. Furthermore, I have tried to select commercials that heavily feature their directors’ trademarks. Some of them feature actors that they frequently work with (one features the director himself) while others display similar lighting or coloring techniques that are found in their movies. Below the commercials are listed in no particular order with only the name and the company to identify them. 

Can you guess which directors made these commercials? 

If you need help, I’ve listed the directors at the bottom of the page in random order. Some of the directors here have been featured in our “Directors’ Trademarks” series which may be worth a read if you are stuck. If you don’t want to cheat, we recommend not clicking on the video to view on Youtube. Often the director is mentioned in the description. Good luck! 

At a later date the answers will be revealed! Check back soon! 

Nike – “The Secret Tournament”

Pizza Hut – “The Edge”

Jeep – “Frisbie”

Nissan – “Dream Chase”

Renault – “Gladiator”

Hyundai – “Talk to My Car”

Sony Playstation 2 – “The Third Place”


Alka Seltzer – “Hombe Lobo”

Chevrolet – “Revolution”

Nike – “Fate”

WARNING – SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





These directors are responsible for the above commercials:

Ridley Scott, David Lynch, Michael Bay, Wes Anderson, Sergio Leone,Terry Gilliam, Zach Snyder, David Fincher, Guillermo del Toro, Edgar Wright


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