New Thor posters are underwhelming


Thor Poster

The first poster (courtesy IGN) does make distinctive use of the color red, but the “God of Thunder” overlay seems unnecessary. It also doesn’t give moviegoers any sense of the epic scope of the film. For those unfamiliar with the character, it will take more than a red poster to bring them in.


Thor Poster 2

The second, which I presume is for a banner, is a bit more creative, but the colors do little for me and the words “Thor” are lost in the image. Perhaps having all of the character photos in red (like the one-sheet) with “Thor” in white would have provided more contrast. Also, no one outside of comic book fans know who the characters are. Those of us following the film may know, but the average joe has no idea who is good or bad here.

I didn’t have much faith that Marvel could pull this off, but the trailers give me hope that director Kenneth Branaugh knows what he is doing. The posters, however, just seem lazy and uninspired. I’d just like to see a Thor poster that will make me say “Great Odin’s beard, that’s awesome!” Is that too much to ask, Marvel Studios?

Source: IGN Movies