Rumor vs. Reality: Man of Steel


This should go without saying, but just in case you haven’t seen the film yet (which you NEED to), this article is going to feature some spoilers.  Nothing too bad, but if you’re avoiding learning anything about the film, consider yourself warned.

MOS Trailer-3 001 02

The War on Krypton Will be Shown – True

Krypton’s end is obviously one of the major aspects behind Superman’s back story.  While it’s been touched on in all the previous films, this rumor promised an extended visit on the planet to show the world’s political turmoil before the planet’s end.  This sort of civil war has been shown in the comics before, so with General Zod being the villain, it seemed to make sense we’d see some of it in the film.

Turns out this was totally true, and frankly, I was so glad for it.  We actually get to spend a decent amount of time on Krypton, and get to see why Superman’s home planet is so integral to his personal journey.  Not to mention the fact that the “war” (really it was more of a battle), looked amazing and provided one of the best set pieces in the film.


Krypton Was Never Destroyed – False

This rumor was kind of weird, and it sent fanboys on a warpath when it first came out.  This report came on the heels of the word that in this film, Kryptonians are genetically engineered, and what makes Kal-El (Superman) so special is that he is the first pure birth in centuries.  This part was of course true, but the rumor took things one step further.  Reports came in that Krypton would NOT be destroyed in the film, but instead is still around and filled with Kryptonians.

The idea then, is that Superman was sent to Earth as a baby in order to protect him, because he wasn’t supposed to be born.  Then it’s up to General Zod to find him and bring him back….Fortunately this rumor turned out to be completely false.  Krypton was completely destroyed and Superman’s origins weren’t altered in ways that would cause fans’ heads to explode.  In my opinion, I think this rumor came about because of over speculation and someone fishing for attention. 


Brainiac is Revealed to Have Destroyed Krypton to set up the Sequel – False

This story was part rumor, part hopeful fans.  There are comic book stories in which it’s revealed that Brainiac was behind the demise of Krypton, and is yet another reason why him and Superman are always at odds.  Many had hoped that at some point in the film (perhaps towards the end) some revelation would come out that Brainiac was involved in the death of Krypton.  Then it’d be a perfect setup for a sequel that would feature Brainiac as the villain (which fans have been wanting for a while). 

Well…it didn’t happen.  The rumor turned out to be nothing more than smoke.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for Brainiac to show up, but there was no mention of him, and what happened to Krypton is solely the fault of its citizens (it’s actually a big point in the film).  It could have been neat to see, but I don’t think the story would have had the same emotional impact with that inclusion. 


Batman Makes a Cameo – False (but there is a Wayne Enterprises Easter Egg)

This has been THE rumor since the film first started up.  People were hoping with Nolan producing the film, and word of a Justice League movie coming in 2015, that Batman would make some sort of appearance.  This rumor featured a lot of incarnations, with some reports saying the brand new rebooted Batman would be introduced in this film.  Other rumors said that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would reprise his role as John Blake from Dark Knight Rises to be the new Batman in Man of Steel

Regardless of the rumors, it didn’t happen, but there was an Easter egg hidden in the film for fans.  It’s hard to notice, and if you blink you’ll probably miss it, but during Superman and Zod’s final battle they fly into space and crash into an orbiting satellite.  Look closely and you’ll see the satellite belongs to Wayne Enterprises…Leading to our next rumor:


The Film Will Usher in a Shared DC Universe – Sort of True

While there are no direct cameos or references to other superheroes, the film does clearly leave the world open for the rest of the DC universe to inhabit and share.  The Wayne Enterprises Easter egg shows that Batman/Bruce Wayne does exist within the same world. 

Another Easter egg is that at one point in the film S.T.A.R. Labs is mentioned.  In the comics, it’s a research organization with ties to the various superheroes around the planet and focus on research that could help (or hinder) them.  Most notably, it’s also where Cyborg gets all his stuff from and was essentially created. 

I’m sure there are some other little things that will come to light in the next few weeks, but I’m glad to see this rumor turned out to be true. 


Zod Tests Superman with Robots – False

This rumor sprung up when someone claimed to have gotten a look at the script or something like that.  According to this story, when General Zod arrives on Earth, he uses powerful fighting robots to attack Superman as a test in order to make sure he truly is the son of Jor-El. 

This obviously didn’t happen, and I’m glad of it, mostly because it makes no sense.  Zod could just as easily ‘test’ Superman himself, but beyond that, who else is going to be flying around the planet?  Whoever it is, isn’t human and thus, more than likely Kryptonian.  If this did come from a script (which I doubt) it must have been an early draft that was eventually scrapped.

It’s always interesting to see which rumors came true and which ones didn’t when a film this big finally hits theaters.  Were you guys duped by any of these rumors, or did you manage to stay spot on?