Top 5 Comic Events That Will Never See The Big Screen (But We Want Them Too)


Infinite Crisis/ Crisis on Infinite Earths


Infinite Crisis is probably the most complicated comic book series that has released in recent times. The series followed the idea of DC Comics multiple worlds being in, well…a crisis in a single universe. Yes DC Comics has a multi-universe perspective for the entire company. What this means is they have several dimensions, usually called Earth 1, Earth 2 and so on. Each dimension has a different variation of a comic book hero. This allows writers to put their own creative process on a specific hero, such as Batman or Superman, without ruining the currently running series someone else is doing. Infinite Crisis took this away. The series basically wiped out some of the biggest heroes entirely and this unified world had to deal with it.

Why it Won’t Work

For starters the series is extremely complex, something even television might not be able to grasp. Even the writers behind the series have trouble at times figuring out what exactly to do. The series has also evolved both times it came about. You have “pre” crisis events that lead to the problem and overall event, and then you have the “post” events and comic book series’ that follow the storyline afterwards. Obviously this would take a ton of effort in the movie world to even build up to it, and the question is, are the crowds willing to pay and see several movies without an ending?


52 was a weekly series that spanned, well, a year. Basically the event took place directly after Infinite Crisis which was the year the DC big three disappeared. Yes Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman all disappeared from existence for an entire year. Each issue was about an actual week within the universe with the characters gone, something entirely unique and never done before. This of course lead up to the “One Year Later” event and revamping of the Justice League.

Why this won’t work.

This would consist of short films, either online, on TV, or before movies every week. The series also set up many future events that took place within the DC Universe shortly after. So with that in mind it’s basically a gamble WB/DC would have to take for a year. It would consist of superheroes that are not well known, and ideas non-comic book fans might not be able to grasp entirely. Is WB willing to spend money on a yearlong short series when they can’t even find a way to push Justice League out the door? Doubtful. However a Blu-ray release of the entire collection put together would possibly prove otherwise.

Marvel Vs DC


Marvel Vs DC Comics is probably the biggest comic book event for all comic book fans. If you have a favorite hero, well he/she is in here and they will be right next to someone else’s favorite comic book hero. The series is basically a outright battle between the two universes when they become aware of each other, the winner walks away and the loser has to cease to exist. There were battles between specific characters (such as Batman vs Captain America) and they were split into two groups. The first group had the writers decide who won, the second group (which had the more popular icons) had the fans vote. Overall Marvel found a way to edge DC Universe with fan voting. Of course some complications came about with added dimensions, such as a dimension that combined heroes into one, but overall nothing came of it. Batman and Captain America helped save the day and put the two universes back to the way they originally were.

Why this won’t work

Business is business, and creating something this of this scale would probably take several banks to fund. The series by no means would be capable of being compressed into two hours, and Superheroes are only popular on TV through cartoons. Let alone getting the rights to each character back would be a pain. You obviously have Wolverine with Fox, Spider-man with Sony, and who knows where the rest of the heroes will end up. Each studio will want a cut in the money, and probably want to have a majority of the project under their belt.
If it did happen, well you have the most epic of epic things put on screen and audiences would be blown away by it. However some of the matchups might need some adjusting with movies pushing some characters popularity further.

Marvel Zombies


The idea behind this is rather simple. You take the everyday problems of a comic book universe and combine it with the fact Earth has been completely destroyed by zombies. Within the attack almost all the superheroes have become zombies themselves, leaving the few remaining injured heroes to not only cure them, but stop an impending attack that will demolish the world.

Why it Wont Work

The reason is simple, it’s a comic book story and it was created for the hell of it. The story cannot be taken seriously in the movie world unless an indie company got their hands on it, but nothing big will come of it. A story like this would totally kill the buzz Superheroes have in the film industry. The story is also extremely gruesome, which means with today’s directors it will be another slasher film without the actual slasher idea and just body parts flying everywhere.
The story also managed to take a turn and randomly make things more complicated than they should be. Somehow certain heroes survive, and ironically enough certain things happen to help the heroes save the day. Would it be cool to see Marvel Zombies eventually hit theaters? Yeah it would be somewhat interesting, but it’s the first comic book series where I say toss the comics out the door and create something new for film. Yes take the centralized ideas from the books, but don’t bother following it page by page like origin stories.

Justice Society of America/Teen Titans


Justice Society of America and Teen Titans are like that of The Avengers and Justice League. The only difference is these groups were here to help promote new heroes and give them new ways to shine. The core heroes have extremely minimal roles and only appear to gain fan interest and help keep the groups within the universe. For example Teen Titans is lead by Robin, he never had his own series and was never a popular character like that of Batman.

Why it won’t work

Well its simple. WB is still trying to get their main DC heroes in theaters, and people seem to not have that big of an interest in the side characters just yet. Will this grow with time? Perhaps, but this calls for group movies to be more popular. We will have to wait and see how The Avengers does, and where Marvel goes with that. Will it lead to signing more players on the field and creating more underdog style groups? Or will the market go right back into single hero movies? I was going to list The Ultimates on here, but after paying attention to the movies they already somewhat stole the idea from that series.

These are just a few of the events that I think will be passed up for at least the short term future. However I am interested to hear what events you guys would like to see make it to movies. Like I said I passed up quite a few awesome ones, a couple I did on purpose just to see if they would be brought up. Need a hint? Both DC and Marvel did similar series with the exact same name, what is it?