New Alien Prequel script is a winner and Fox wants Natalie Portman to lead it


Natlie Portman in Alien?


In even more exciting news for the male Sci-Fi fans, Natalie Portman has now been named as being on top of the short list of actresses Scott’s leading lady in the film.  While it’s a prequel set 35 years before the first film (thus no Ripley) Ridley Scott plans on using a female Colonial Marine general as the lead in this film.


With Portman no longer attached to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and she’s already taken her name out of the race for Gravity, she should be wide open to take on this role.  Personally I hope it’s true.  We haven’t seen her in a good Sci-Fi/geeky role in a long time.  She’s been doing too many chick/indie flicks for us guy fans to have really seen her.  This would bring her back to the forefront in grand style.  Despite her petite size, her attitude would definitely fit the role for an Alien film.  She could bring a lot to this film.


Alien space jockey


Scott has also confirmed fans will find out what happened to this ‘Space Jockey’ from the first film


Some other interesting tidbits from the report say that Scott has confirmed there will be no Predators anywhere near his film.  He’s taking the story back to its roots as a horror-suspense film, which leaves little room for an action-oriented Predator.  Also it’s possible that we may see this film as a PG-13 movie.


Now before you cry foul, we have to remember that outside of the language, if the original Alien were rated today, it’d easily be in the PG-13 category.  The film relied on suspense, and featured no sex.  While there is plenty of violence, most of it happened off screen.  I’m sure many fans will find some gripe with a lowered MPAA rating (especially since the Predators reboot came out with an R), but overall there seems to be plenty for fans to enjoy here.  There’s no official title yet and the only release date known is sometime in Summer 2012.