New Wonder Woman 84 Poster Eases the Pain of Warner Bros. Hall H Absence


While we still have a bit to wait for Wonder Woman‘s next outing, we at least have a gorgeous new poster to enjoy!

This afternoon, word came out that Warner Bros. would be skipping Hall H at SDCC this year, but don’t worry, Patty Jenkins is here to help with a colorful new Wonder Woman 1984 poster:

The director also confirms that we shouldn’t expect much more in terms of marketing (e.g. a trailer) until December of this year. Even so, this is a pretty damn fine treat for the eyes. Not only is it eye-catching, it also reveals some new armor/outfit for the heroine and I’m all kinds of excited for it.

The bummer, of course, is that Warner Bros. is inexplicably skipping out on Hall H this year. While they’ll still have a booth/presence at the show, they won’t have a big presentation panel; the first time in a LONG time that’s happened. It’s an odd choice considering just how many amazing things they have on the slate within the next year we haven’t seen yet.

Just this year we still have Joker and The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep. Then 2020 brings Birds of Prey (February), Godzilla vs. Kong (March), Barbie, the Scooby Doo reboot, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet in the Summer, another Conjuring film, and Dune (which has been filming for some time now)….That’s a pretty big amount of anticipated films, some of which are landing in just 8 months or so!