Patty Jenkins Signs Record Deal to Direct Wonder Woman 2


From the moment Wonder Woman hit theaters and became the biggest summer movie of 2017, Patty Jenkins and Warner Bros. have been in negotiations over having her back for Wonder Woman 2.  That’s because she had only signed a 1 film deal when she replaced, the then-parted, Michelle McLaren. 

After earning $1 million for Wonder Woman, a film that earned over $400 million domestically and $800 million globally, Jenkins was due for a better deal and she got one.  Although, one source has claimed it was “challenging”.

Patty Jenkins returns for Wonder Woman 2 as the highest-paid female filmmaker of all time. 

According to sources, her deal is in the $7 to $9 million range, since she will be receiving Director AND Writing fees, as one of her many duties will include co-writing and producing Wonder Woman 2. 

Regardless if it was challenging to get to this point, the fact remains that Jenkins proved herself with what was the best DC film that has come out of this troubled universe.  Moreover, she proved herself invaluable with her relationship with the star, Gal Gadot.  All the leverage was in Jenkins’ court because she deserved a bigger deal.  You also have to take into account that if WB wasn’t going to do it, someone else was.

Now, WB doesn’t have to worry about that.  Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot will return for Wonder Woman 2, dated for release on December 13, 2019!