SDCC2013: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Will Lead Into Following Films


Director Marc Webb was asked several questions about the upcoming movie before the panel even began. The first question was “how hard was it to contain this movie when Sony announced two more would be made?” Webb replied that from the get go they were looking at the bigger universe Spider-Man has. More characters, villains, everything was to be expected to be bigger.

However at the same time they want to make each one the best possible movie it can be. Which is a good thing considering the first movie needed to be grand to develop this universe. He did note that Amazing Spider-Man 2 will have hints and clues to what will appear in the next two films.

What exactly are they leading into? Well all we can do is wait and find out because he noted everything is being hidden from everyone. A lot of the meetings are behind closed doors and they are keeping as much a secret as possible. This includes the upcoming film and the two following it. As a fan of the series, I can’t complain. I love surprises as long as they are good!

Source: SuperHeroHype