Breaking Down the Secrets of the Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Photo!


Thanks to our friends at Disney, Cinelinx was able to look at the original, high-resolution version of the photo. The original TIFF image has a resolution of 5004 X 2678 and was nearly 77 MB, which we thought was fitting. We poured over it and found some interesting details. We’ve blown up certain sections and posted them below. Do they reveal spoilers? Not really, unless you, our intrepid readers, can see something we don’t. Given the fact that Abrams is well aware that we will be looking for any clue to what the new film holds, we likely aren’t being given anything we weren’t meant to see. After all, this is the guy who gave us LOST and the Star Trek Into Darkness “It’s not Khan/yes it’s Khan” thing.

Anyway, we did enjoy these details:


The History of R2-D2

If you look closely, it appears the inside of R2’s shipping crate includes the filming history of this particular model. It clearly says “CREATED” at the top, but the actual date below that is harder to read. The year appears to say 1996. It does give the creation location as “Industrial Light and Magic, Marin Co., CA, ILM Model/Creature Shop.” There is a second notation that appears to say “8/97 Leavesden Studios, London, England, Star Wars Episode I.” This timeframe makes sense, since Episode I began filming on June 26, 1997 at Leavesden. Other notations mention Los Angeles and New York in 1999 (perhaps promotional use for Episode I).

Right behind Abrams’ head, we see notations for “Star Wars II” and Italy in 2000, which would match filming of the Naboo scenes. Most of the remaining text is too difficult to decipher.


Marked Scripts and Hamill’s Beard

Anthony Daniel’s script is easily visible here, but the exact text is too small to read. However, we do see that his name is plastered across the script page, to discourage copying. This looks like a better option than using red paper, which has reportedly been done before.

Also of note: Mark Hamill is sporting a beard. This is the second recent photo of Hamill in a beard, which could mean he will follow the Jedi Master look of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon in the new film. 


Mayhew’s Script 

Peter Mayhew’s script, like Daniels’ script, is also marked with his name.  


The Secret Plans

Behind Lawrence Kasdan, we see a number of blueprints, including one that is unrolled. Even in high resolution, it is nearly impossible to see what is on these blueprints, unfortunately. This is likely by design, as there is really no reason for these to be there. Damn you, Abrams. 


Andy Serkis

No, there’s nothing to dissect here, except that the new Star Wars has FREAKING ANDY SERKIS!



This might not be anything, but one of the crates in the background is marked “DOM SPARES.” I have no idea what “doms” are, and it could be nothing, but perhaps one of our readers who works in film production could shed some light on this. 


The Coasters

I got a kick out of the fact that someone had the foresight to order Star Wars-themed coasters to use on the set. If you look closely, you can see that the coasters feature artwork from the original trilogy films. In the upper right corner, you can even see the tin the coasters come in. These coasters come in a set of 13 and are readily available to order from Amazon by clicking right here. Surely anyone who thought enough to order Star Wars coasters for the actors will ensure the words “midichlorians” and “Jar Jar Binks” are never uttered in Episode VII. Surely.

See anything else in the photo that we missed? Post it below, as well as your thoughts on the picture overall!