‘The Killing’ Star Joel Kinnaman is Jose Padhilla’s ‘Robocop’


Deadline reports that Joel Kinnaman, best known in the states as Stephen Holder of The Killing, has been chosen as the new Robocop in the remake/reboot.  Other than his work in The Killing, audiences will know him from films such as Snabba Cash and Safe House.  Last we checked on the Robocop reboot, it had just got a script rewrite from Gran Torino writer Nick Schenk.  The original draft was written by Josh Zetumer, and is reportedly “darker” than the original film (which must make it pretty damn dark).  If I only they through in a “grittier” somewhere…anyways, Jose Padhilla of Elite Squad is still set to direct the remake, reboot, reimagining…whatever.

 Other than that, there’s not a lot to report.  We still have no idea who they’ll cast as the bad guy, although I really doubt they can do better than freaking Kurtwood Smith.  I personally have never seen Joel Kinnaman in anything, so I have no opinion of his acting opinion.  That said, I do have an opinion about the most important aspect of Robocop; the chin.  His chin is very prominent, and it certainly sticks out.  But is it Peter Weller level?  Well, I guess on the International Chin Scale from Paul Giamatti to Aaron Eckhart, Kinnaman gets a Tom Cruise.
Yeah, that’s all I got.