The Warrens Return for Third Annabelle Spin-Off


The Conjuring “Universe” is ever growing, and with the succes of The Nun in the last couple months, it’s not surprising to see things are still rolling along for the interconnected horror franchise. While the creepy Annabelle doll from The Conjuring has already seen two spin-offs to tell it’s origins, the third film will bring things full circle (sort of) and back into the Warren’s house. 

Details on the story snuck out earlier in the Summer, where James Wan revealed Annabelle 3 (working title) will be like a horror version of Night at The Museum. The idea being that Annabelle is “captured” and placed in her iconic place within the Warren’s Artifact Room where they store haunted/demonic items. The problem, however, is Annabelle’s presence awakens the evil within the artifacts, unleashing havoc from within. 

the conjuring 2

While the film will focus on Ed and Lorraine Warren’s 10 year old daughter, Judy (and teenage babysitter), Deadline has revealed that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have signed on to reprise their roles as the paranormal couple. This marks the first time the duo have appeared in any of The Conjuring spin-off films…and that’s kinda neat. 

Personally, I haven’t been wowed by the spin-off films (Annabelle: Creation was just a little boring), but I’ve enjoyed the lore and how they’ve added onto one another. Having these two come back makes me much more interested in seeing Annabelle 3. Combine that with Gary Dauberman directing (he wrote IT) and I’m hopeful Annabelle 3 can bring the goods. 

Filming on the movie starts this week and it’s slated to release July 3, 2019