Arrow Puts DC Comics’ Emerald Archer in the Limelight



Arrow tells the tale of billionaire Oliver Queen, who comes home to Starling City after being stranded on a desert island for five years. However, he isn’t returning the same spoiled rich kid he left as. While they were trapped at sea, Oliver’s father gave him orders to right the wrongs he committed against people and take down individuals who continue to do evil against others. He uses his wealthy and egotistical reputation to cover up the fact that at night he hunts down evildoers as a hooded archer named “Green Arrow.”

The pilot is directed by David Nutter, who helmed the first episode of Smallville. The story was written by Greg Berlanti, whose super hero experience includes working on the Green Lantern movie. That’s not going to win any fans with many DC enthusiasts. Marc Guggenheim’s name as the co-author of the story will instill hope. He’s worked on several comics including Young X-Men, The Flash, Aquaman, The Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine, and others. Andrew Kreisberg helped Berlanti and Guggenheim bring the series to television as well. He’s written Green Arrow and Black Canary and Batman Confidential comics. Kreisberg also was the executive producer / writer for Fringe and worked on Justice LeagueStar Wars: The Clone Wars and more.

arrow-3The tone of the show is much darker than Smallville. I would compare it to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight more than anything. It’s serious and carries an air of realism to it. There are no aliens, meteor freaks, or the likes… yet. Just old-fashioned criminals whether they be street thugs or corrupted corporate businessmen. Arrow will get a hold of them and make each one wish they’d never crossed paths with him.

All the actors in the show take their jobs seriously. Steve Amell does a superb job turning off the snotty rich kid act and becoming the violent vigilante Arrow all at a seconds notice. Katie Cassidy plays Dinah “Laurel” Lance, who fans know goes on to have a much bigger role in the show if they stick to the original Green Arrow mythology.

arrow-2Arrow isn’t just for comic book geeks. The first episode clearly shows the potential to appeal to fans of action and drama. Although the main plotline is reminiscent of “Revenge,” there’s plenty of other ground to cover with 71 years of rich Green Arrow tales to mine from.