Channel Control: Trailer for Nickelodeon’s New TMNT Series


I’ve made no secret about how big of a Turtles fan I am, and I’ve been looking forward to the new cartoon series cautiously.  When the first image of the characters came out a while ago, I wasn’t sold on the animation design.  I’m still not to be honest, but seeing it in motion does make a huge difference: Trailer comes courtesy of EW, but there embed is below.

Obviously this is made for the kiddos, and doesn’t look like it’ll hold much interest for the older fans.  That’s kind of a bummer, because I felt like the previous series were able to appeal to both demographics.  I was hoping to be able to share my love of Ninja Turtles with my young son, but it seems like he might be the only one who will be enjoying it, while sit back and wish for something a little more.

Then again this is the first trailer and look at the show, so I could still be pleasently surprised (as I was with Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man).  As it stands now, this isn’t looking to be the show I was hoping for.