First Trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil Officially Released


I’ve been anxiously looking forward to Marvel’s Daredevil because he’s one of my favorite comic book characters and one who I think is ripe for live-action adaptations.  Based on this new trailer (courtesy of IGN), this show is going to give fans what they’ve been waiting for: 

While the trailer is light on some of the overall details, what it does great is nail the tone of the series.  It paints a picture of a different kind of superhero, one who’s morals are a little on the gray side and more willing to push the boundaries to protect his city.  Considering that most of Marvel’s endeavors so far have been a little “lighter” in tone, it’s a nice change of pace, and perfectly fitting for the Man Without Fear.  

Daredevil is set to debut on April 10, 2015 on Netflix.  Will you be watching it?  Let us know your thoughts on the new trailer in the comments below!