Linda Carter Gives Her Opinion on What Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Should Be Like


There haven’t been as many live action versions of Wonder Woman as there have been of Superman or Batman. In fact there have been only three. (Cathy Lee Crosby, Linda Carter and Adrianne Palicki) Even the Black Canary has had more actresses play her. (Lori Loughlin on Birds of Prey, Alaina Huffman on Smallville, Caity Lotz on Arrow, and even Danuta Rylko Soderman on Legends of the Super Heroes.) And of the three women who’ve portrayed the Amazon Princess, only one has played her more than once. That one would be Linda Carter, who starred on the Wonder Woman TV series from 1975-79. For a generation of fans, she was the face of Wonder Woman, and even today, she is more associated with DC’s premier heroine than anyone else.

Recently, while talking to an interviewer from the Vulture site at a God’s Love We Deliver fundraiser, Carter was asked what she hopes to see in Gal Gadot’s interpretation of Princess Diana of Themescara. Carter has definite views on WW, saying, “Ultimately, she’s about truth, and it’s all heart with her. She’s a strong female force. … She’s strong, but she’s so much more — not everybody gets that … Most important, I want her to have a heart and a strong sense of humor.”

She calls Wonder Woman a “complicated” character and adds that she’s about “more than super hero stuff”. When asked why Wonder Woman has never had a film, despite Superman and Batman having had so many, she adds, “I think females baffle men, and so that’s made it difficult to get a Wonder Woman movie made.”

It’s doubtful that the new version of Wonder Woman will have a sense of humor, due to DC’s “Leave the jokes to Marvel” philosophy, but it remains to be seen if Carter’s hopes for the new version of WW come true. Will Gal Gadot replace Carter as the face that comes to mind when you think of a live action Wonder Woman? We’ll have to wait until the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and then the Justice League film, and then, finally, the Gadot solo Wonder Woman film.