Secret Six TV Series in Development



The series has received a pilot production commitment from the network and is based on a comic book which began its run in May 1968. The comic details the adventures of a covert strike team of 6 operatives who take orders from a mysterious figure known as Mockingbird, whom the team members believe is one of the other 5.

The current incarnation of the group and most popular has a group of Villains, pretty much in the vein of Suicide Squad. This team has gone thru numerous members including Bane, Deadshot, Cheshire, Mad Hatter, Catman, and Harley Quinn to name just a few. The Mockingbird for this villainous version of the team is eventually revealed to be  Lex Luthor. Unfortunately there is no word on who will be on the roster for the show.

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Rick Muirragui (Suits, The Good Guys, Charmed) will write and executive produce alongside Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Spin City, Cougar Town) and Jeff Ingold (The Office, 30 Rock, Will and Grace).