‘The Adventure Zone’ Animated Series is Coming to Peacock!


An animated series based on the popular Dungeons & Dragons podcast The Adventure Zone is coming to NBC’s Peacock streaming service.

Along with the announcement of a release date for NBC’s Peacock streaming service comes a reveal of some of the programming that will be available on that platform. One of the most notable reveals, as noted by Hollywood Reporter, is that there will be an animated series based on the wildly popular D&D podcast known as The Adventure Zone.

The official summary is as follows:

Based on the McElroy Family’s wildly popular Dungeons & Dragons podcast and No. 1 New York Times best-selling graphic novel series, The Adventure Zone is a side-splitting and heart-filled fantasy animated comedy series that follows an unlikely, poorly equipped trio and their beleaguered Dungeon Master as they reluctantly embark on a quest to save their world.
Writer/executive producer: Adam Higgs (Orphan Black)
Executive producers: Clint McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy, Griffin McElroy

It’s not known when this series will be coming to the Peacock streaming service, but if it’s anywhere close to a faithful adaptation of the podcast and graphic novel, then it’s sure to be a hit with viewers.