The First Trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher Drops With A Bang


If you thought Jon Bernthal‘s depiction of Frank Castle in Daredevil Season 2 was brutal, his solo series on Netflix is about to take it to the next level.  Netflix has released the first full-length trailer for Marvel’s The Punisher.  If you like bullets flying, goons dying, to the music of Metallica‘s One, then this is the trailer for you.

Whoever edited that trailer together deserves an instant Emmy nomination for the way they cut together One with the action going on in the trailer.  When the bullets were flying during the bridge, I wasn’t sure which was the song and which were the bullets.  

Outside of the incredible choice in music, the rest of the trailer looked equally amazing.  The way we saw the backstory of how his family died, then move into his quest to take down the people who want him dead was enthralling.  

With jaw-dropping action and an edge of your seat story, it’ll be a surprise to no one if The Punisher ends up being Marvel’s best Netflix show to date.

The Punisher will release in 2017, but haven’t come out and officially confirmed when.  Our resident TV expert, and Marine Devil Dog, Rob Ntropi has kept his ear to the ground and believes the series will release on November 10, the same day as the Marine Corp birthday and Veteran’s Day.

For more from The Punisher series, see the production photos below:

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