The Mandalorian Trailer: Bounty Hunting Sure Looks Dangerous


This evening brings us (unexpectedly) a brand new trailer for the live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, giving us a better look at what’s coming next month!

Crazy to think we’re just a little over a couple weeks away from getting our eyes on the first ever live-action Star Wars series. If you thought the wait was already difficult, just check out the all new trailer:

It’s hard to imagine my hype increasing any more than it already is, and yet…here we are! This is a great trailer and it’s insane how much this show manages to feel more like the movies than a traditional series. Now, we just have to hope they manage to keep those good vibes going throughout these first eight episodes.

With Jedi: Fallen Order dropping that same week, along with The Rise of Skywalker on the horizon, there’s a lot of amazing Star Wars content coming up. Which are you looking forward to most?

The Mandalorian premieres on Novmeber 12th, when Disney+ officially launches. More episodes will follow on a weekly schedule (which you can learn more about here).