TV Review: The Legend of Korra—”Turning the Tides”


If there’s one complaint you can lobby against The Legend of Korra’s favor, it might be that the show is moving a little bit TOO fast.  A couple weeks ago, I thought that was one of the show’s strong suits, and what made it stronger than Airbender—we never had to stop and waste time with episodes like The Cave of Two Lovers or The Great Divide.  It was all story, all the time.  And since the story is so perfectly plotted, I really wasn’t complaining.  But looking back, I really wish this show had a little breathing room, and could develop episodes such as the two listed above.

The only reason I bring this up is because, half way through “Turning the Tides”, it dawned on me that we only had one more week of Korra episodes before the end of the first season.  And after that, who knows when we’ll get to see Korra again?  Nick has not announced a date for Book 2, and it seems like production still has a ways to go before its done working on it.  Which means that we could potentially have to wait another year before Book 2 and the conclusion of Korra’s story.  That sucks, and I wish we had a little more time to spend in Republic City before then.

TheLegendofKorra TenzinBeiFong

But as long as there’s episodes like “Turning the Tides”, I can’t complain too much.  This was another excellent episode of The Legend of Korra, action packed and filled with a lot of really cool moments.  Even though it’s technically just set up for the season finale next weekend, I think the episode still works on its own; it’s probably the most action centric the show has ever been, focusing on the destruction of Republic City at the hands of the Equalist.  There’s a lot of cool moments here, from Mako redirecting lightning at the mechs to the Airbender kids sweeping in to save the day (illiciting the pretty hillarious “Get your hands off my father’s ex-girlfriend!” line)

But the MVP of the episode was most definetely Chief Bei Fong, and rightfully so.  She had a lot of badass things to do during “Turning the Tides” and looking back, it seemed obvious that she would have her bending taken away (like how when a main character dies in a TV show, his last episode seems to be ALL about him).  And while Bei Fong didn’t die, the scene was so incredibly well staged that it certainly felt like it.  With Bei Fong’s bending now gone, I’m curious to see what becomes of her character.  Hopefully, she can still be badass without the use of her metal bending.  Honestly, if anyone could, it’s her.

Score: 9.5 out of 10

TheLegendofKorra BeiFongAirbenders

Loose Ends:

-Sadly, though, metal bending seems to be pretty much extinct, at least in Republic City.  Shame, becaue that was always a delight to watch.

-Bolin’s been crimically under used lately, but he had a few good zingers this episode.  I vote that the Liutenant’s new name should be “Mustache Guy”…anyone else?

-Speaking of Mustache Guy, that dude doesn’t do a whole lot other than have the crap beat out of him, does he.  But, on the same token, POLAR BEAR SLICE!

-“NOT NOW, BABY!”  Meelo obviously hasn’t studied up on his TV Tropes, or he wouldn’t be so surprised to see this was happening.

-Speaking of Meelo, I’m still not a fan of his fartbending.  Then again, the slow mo shot of him whipping through the air was pretty awesome.

-“You are the last airbenders.”  Hey, that was the name of the other show!

-So I feel I have to bring up the whole General Iroh thing, for it was a pretty huge reveal within the show (even though all of us have seen it coming since Dante Basco confirmed he was coming in for a role).  It’s nice to see Zuko’s lineage come into the fold, and I love seeing Dante Basco return (RUF-E-OH!), but the reveal seemed a little to on the nose for me.  Seemed like genuine fan service rather than serving the actual story.  Then again, let’s see what the show does with him during the finale. Hopefully, I’ll be able to eat my words.