Viz Media Releases Clip of the Sailor Moon Re-dub


The clip runs under a minute and shows the famous scene where Usagi meets Mamoru for the very first time (also commonly known as the “30” test score scene).

As to be expected, the ongoing debate over “sub vs. dub” continues to be alive and well. However, the issue that appeared to be causing the most howls from longtime fans was the replacement of “meatball head” with “bun head”. Representatives with Viz did go on record stating the dub will be close to the original Japanese translations when compared to the Americanized puns DiC used in 1995.

In the Japanese dialogue, Mamoru actually calls Usagi “odango” which can be translated to mean either “dumpling” or “bun”. Still, it appears longtime fans are not cutting Viz any slack as if changing Mamoru’s curt nickname of Usagi is just as bad as cutting out Optimus Prime saying “Autobots, transform and roll out!”.

Other issues of note include Stephanie Sheh supposedly not sounding like Terri Hawkes (one of the original Sailor Moon voice actresses and most fan favorite). For the record, Peter Cullen will always be Optimus Prime to me (excluding his portrayal in the Michael Bay films), but there have been other great voice actors who played the part well in the various reboots and extended universes. Also, it should be noted during Anime Expo when the new cast was announced, members of the original voice cast were present in what some consider a ceremonial “passing of the torch”. In other words, it’s all good. 

Going back to the script changes, one issue that was recently presented involved Amanda C. Miller (the new voice for Sailor Jupiter). On her Twitter account, a fan asked her directly if Viz planned on retaining Susan Roman’s iconic “talent” line. She responded by saying she is knows that line well and is hoping Viz will allow her to at least keep it for the redub.


You may have the best legs and high heels sister, but nothing beats my “talent”!

So what are your thoughts of the new dub based on just this one teaser clip? Please feel free to comment.