War of the Planet of the Apes Casts its First Human Lead


My excitement for War of the Planet of the Apes is pretty high right now…which is a bummer consider I have to wait until July 14, 2017 (after it was delayed) to see it on the big screen.  However, I’m fine with it taking all the time it needs in order to be great.  That said, filming is supposed to be starting up this October in preparation for that release date, and Deadline is reporting that Gabriel Chavarria (East Los High) has been cast in the first human lead role.  

While we don’t have any deatails on the character itself, it sounds like he is one of only TWO human leads in this film.  While humans will obviously have a big part in the movie (wouldn’t be much of a war without them), it sounds like only a couple will have larger speaking roles and interactions throughout the rest of the film.  

Andy Serkis is expected to return for the part of Caesar, but other than that, we’re not sure who all will be there with him.  Likely his son from the last film will come into play, but as for the other apes…who knows.  I suppose it depends on how far away from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes this one takes place.  Will the filmmakers be thrusting us right into the middle of the war, near the end, or at the beginning (just weeks after Dawn)?  We’ll have to wait and see, but with filming beginning in a few months, hopefully we’ll learn more soon.