Warner Bros.-DC Developing a Supergirl Film; Hire Sonic the Hedgehog Scribe


It’s no big secret that Warner Bros. has had a tough time developing their DC Cinematic Universe, with their most recent film (Justice League) amassing a mere $615 mil worldwide on a $300 mil budget.  This caused a shift in the hierarchy, with Walter Hamada taking over as head of the DCEU.  From the actions of DC, as of late, it’s easy to surmise that Hamada’s mission is to focus on what makes DC different from the rest of the superhero field.  Today’s news seems to reflect that.

According to a report from Deadline, WB & DC are developing a Supergirl film, and have hired 22 Jump Street, The Cloverfield Paradox, and the Sonic the Hedgehog scribe, Oren Uziel, to pen the script.

The Supergirl film will join Cathy Yan/Margot Robbie‘s Birds of Prey (featuring Harley Quinn and various other heroines) and Patty Jenkins/Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman 1984, as part of WB’s movement to bring strong female superheroes to the big screen.  With their trend of partnering up talented female directors and actresses to create these films, it’s safe to assume that WB will look to a female director to bring the Kryptonian superhero to life. 

Additionally, a Supergirl film could allow fans to see a new side to Superman (Henry Cavill).  Perhaps, even a more light-hearted side.  In the comics and the shows, Superman has always seemed to have more fun with Kara, because she represents that he is not alone, as the sole survivor of Krypton.  That is, when he’s not policing her like a big brother, despite the fact that technically Kara is older than Kal-El and they are cousins.  That’s right, Kara was actually a teenager when her and an infant Kal-El tried to escape Krypton.  Kal-El made it first and you know the story of Superman, but Kara landed several years later, after Kal had already become Superman.  Kara was still a teenager, at this point, and used the guidance of Kal-El to discover how to use the powers of Earth’s yellow sun.

Giving this story the stage it deserves, could allow for fans to see the normally stoic, impersonal Superman become more human.  Plus, the story of Supergirl isn’t as dark as all the others, which would bring Superman back to the light.  A place we’ve been missing him, thus far.  Overall, this could be WB’s ploy to make the fans love Henry Cavill’s Superman.  If not, they could flip the script and make him a recurring character in HER story.

Whatever way they decide to take this, we’ll be standing by for news and reactions.  Until then, keep it on Cinelinx!