Warner Bros. Secretly Hired a Writer for the Justice League Movie


Take from this what you will, but Variety is reporting that Will Beall (Ganster Squad) was hired by Warner Bros. last year (while Avengers was still filming) to write the script for a Justice League movie.  After years of having the film derailed, Jeff Robinov, the president of WB’s motion picture group, claimed that a Justice League film was being prepped for a 2013 release.  Since then, we haven’t heard a word.

Justice League Movie

While I doubt that it’s still going to happen in 2013, the timing now makes sense.  If WB had secretly hired someone to write the script, it gave that guy much more reason to say what he said.  At the time, there wasn’t any further evidence of it, and in a couple months a lot just paid it no attention.  It fell by the wayside with only a few fans (myself included) still wondering what the deal was.

Considering how successful Marvel’s Avengers was, I’m fairly confident Warner Bros. is eager to answer back with its own.  The only question remains when?  Apparently Beall hasn’t turned in his script yet, but I’m betting with word of this leaking out…it won’t be long.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of official announcement soon after Dark Knight Rises comes out.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  So what do you guys think about this?