All American Zombie Drugs – Not Your Typical Zombie Story


Zombie Drugs

The Basics

Here’s the official synopsis:

Vinny and Sebastion, two burnouts, going nowhere in small town suburbia and still riding the high of their high-school days, start a business doing the only thing they have ever excelled at…drugs. With the help of a jealous girlfriend and a rich goth chick, Vinny and Sebastion take on the mob, angry, geeky, frat-boys, and zombies in the search of the perfect high

Directed By: Alex Ballar
Written By: Alex Ballar
Cast: Beau Nelson, Wolfgang Weber and Susan Graham

All American Zombie Drugs

The Delivery

I’ve been anxious to see All American Zombie Drugs for a while.  If you don’t remember, Kyra did an interview with Alex Ballar and Beau Nelson earlier this year on the film (back when it was still simply titled Zombie Drugs) and over the past several months Beau and I have been in contact and generally shooting the breeze.  After the film made it’s round at some of the festivals (even taking home Best Art Direction at the AOF Festival and also had nominations for Best Comedy and Best Cinematography), they shot me a screener copy and I was pretty happy about it.  

Despite the title and goofy tag line, this film isn’t exactly what you expect.  On the surface it may look like a stoner film with a zombie twist, but it’s surprisingly deeper than that.  In truth the story is about a man coming to grips with his own addiction along with the death of his brother.  

For the most part, this is a comedy movie, and there are plenty of scenes that will have you laughing hard enough to move you from your seat.  The acting is well done and you really believe in these characters, along with their motivations.  This is a great thing, because even though it’s an Indy low-budget film, it never really has that feel to it.

Zombie Drugs

Even the cinematography and overall quality of the production will have you forgetting fairly quickly that you’re watching something made on a shoe-string (relatively).  To that end, it definitely sets itself above what most people think of when they hear ‘Indy film’.

The only problem with the film I had stemmed from the overall story.  Without giving away too many spoilers, the end result is essentially an anti-drug movie…sort of.  It’s a little more personal than that, but that’s what it wraps up to.  The problem is that the entire rest of the film reads as a pro-drug movie.  It’s not until the very end that we see a shift in the tactics, but by then, with all that had happened previously it feels rushed and a little tacked on.  

On top of that there are a few times were the dialogue and scenes lean to the preachy side.  They get a little long-winded.  Fortunately though, the humor comes back strong and keeps you moving through the story at a good pace.

Zombie Drugs


This is a fun little film and worth sitting down through.  It’s got a good message in the end, even though the onscreen actions kind of obscure that.  While it gets a little heavy-handed on the dialogue at times, it has hilarious moments with a solid cast.

All American Zombie Drugs gets a 8 out of 10