Blu Review: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial



I hate to keep asking hypothetical questions, but do we really need a synopsis for this movie? A group of aliens leave behind a member of their landing party. The short creature finds his way to the suburbs of California, where a little boy takes him in and names him E.T. The alien soon becomes sick and must contact his home planet to be rescued before he dies.

The high-definition transfer is beautiful and obviously a step above any past release of the movie. The picture is cleaner and clearer, however it still doesn’t look as good as the Jaws transfer we received earlier this year. I know I said the same thing about the Indiana Jones Blu-ray versions, but it’s just the way it is. It’s still provides the ultimate viewing experience for those who love this emotionally heartwarming and visually stunning 1982 masterpiece.

et-6A 7.1 surround sound mix enhances the visual experience of seeing this film in high-definition. The spectacular score by John Williams, the dialogue, and the sound effects all blend together seamlessly. It’s an upgrade you can tell Steven Spielberg toiled over to get just right.

All new bonus features are included in this Blu-ray edition. “Steven Spielberg & E.T.” has the director reflecting on the making of the film and the effect it had on his career. “The E.T. Journals” takes viewers behind the scenes with original footage from the set of the movie. There’s also deleted scenes, “The E.T. Reunion,” featurettes, designs, photographs, and marketing materials. A digital copy of the movie is included as well.

et-3The E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial Blu-ray is packed full of great bonus material and an impressive digitally remastered feature taken directly from high resolution 35mm film elements. It’s a must-own for any science fiction or Steven Spielberg fan. Those who haven’t seen the movie in a long time will be overwhelmed with how exquisite it looks and sounds in high-definition.