TMP Reviews: Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 6


As easily as Tancharoen abruptly downshifted and slid us from the brutal action of the first three episodes of Mortal Kombat: Legacy to the dreamlike Episodes 4 and 5, he blasts us back hard into fifth gear and even pumps in some nitrous with Episode 6 and the debut of fan favorite, Lord Raiden.

The story picks up some time in the recent past as a wicked lightning storm rages over a nightscaped city.

As the bolts of furious energy crackle across the sky, a massive charge crashes into the ground, craters the surrounding soil, and deposits what appears to be a man, unconscious, upon the Earth.

But this being is obviously more than what he seems.

The following morning, the newcomers’ arrival has attracted the attention of an interesting young girl named Blue.

As she expressively attempts to awaken the man, we quickly realize that this new visitor to our planet may have chosen just about the worst place to make his sudden appearance.

The three white-coated men who quickly and violently subdue the pair and drag them inside a nearby building foreshadow what will be a most unfortunate future for this newest fighter.

Subjugated within the confines of the mental asylum, John Doe, or Lord Raiden the God of Thunder and Protector of Earth as he identifies himself, is subjected to some of the more horrific aspects of asylum living, the resident Doctor preferring extreme pharmapsychology and other “more archaeic” methods to assist with rehabilitation.

But such human means of restraint do little but exacerbate the already pissed off combatant.

Unwilling to let go of his “grandiose delusion”, Raiden continues to fight back but to almost no avail.

Not until a desperate act from a friend is he able to escape his confines and regain footing on his destined path, to protect Earth in the Mortal Kombat tournament from the impending onslaught of Shao Kahn.

Though many may be put off by the very awkward “justification message” at the beginning of the episode, Tancharoen at last makes a huge splash with Episode 6 being the best of the series thus far.  With action, intrigue, suspense, and emotion, the debut of Lord Raiden definitely improves the scope of this new and improved Mortal Kombat.

With an impressively evoking score and some of the strongest acting in the series so far, I for one cannot wait to see where Episode 7 takes us as we will finally see action from the two most popular characters in the entire Mortal Kombat universe, the revenge-bent Scorpion and his eternal nemesis Sub-Zero.