Movie Buffs

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Movies Buffs exist in a culture all on their own, and that's why we've dedicated this part of Cinelinx entirely to them.  Here we'll be gathering unique and interesting stories dealing with movie buff culture direct to the people who care about it the most. 

When Movie Fiction Becomes Reality

When watching a movie have you ever had a sudden moment of realization like a light bulb switching on in your head wherein you suddenly said to yourself "that could actually come true" or "wait a minute that might actually be possible".


Predator's First Look Footage

Last night SXSW and Robert Rodriguez treated a few lucky people to a 'First Look' preview of the new PREDATORS film. I say a few because the theater was small and the line was LONG. Fox has put a preview online that you get to see without even having to wait in line for 2hrs!


Oscar Night Extravaganza

The biggest Hollywood award ceremony has finally come to a close.  We take a look at the best (and worst) the Oscars had to offer last night and how well this year's event went down. 


Wolverine gets job at Benihannas in Japan

A few months before X-Men Origins: Wolverine a leaked print hit the internet.  Many people watched it but only one person was ignorant enough to review it.  He worked as a critic for Fox News and lost his job as a result of his own moronic behavior.


A Walk On The Wild Side

Sometimes a movie is far deeper and personal than you might think.

“What were they thinking?”  Typically, in the film industry, this phrase is reserved for directors, producers, actors or the like who are being questioned about decisions they have made regarding certain filmmaking, technical, artistic or befuddling choices.