Casually Criterion talks Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor!

Casually Criterion talks Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor!

Listen in as Mike, Justin and Chris continue their quest to watch The Criterion Collection in spine order! Up this week is spine #19 from The Criterion Collection, Shock Corridor!

Every week we start by talking about films and TV shows we've been watching as well as any news that piques our interests. This week, Mike gives us his thoughts on the new Lost in Space  and Thoroughbreds  while Chris has been watching the latest season of  The Expanse and Justin abandoned most narrative content this week for bingeing The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale and First Team: Juventus. All of this is followed by our coverage of the July 2018 Release announcements from The Criterion Collection! 


Our next Criterion collection film will be spine #20Sid & Nancy by Alex Cox

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