Weekend Roundup 8/21: Vampires, Superman, and What's On TV?

Weekend Roundup 8/21: Vampires, Superman, and What's On TV?

It is indeed time for another weekend round up, this time coming in on time. If you didn’t read last weeks, we basically go out on the web and find some of the most awesome opinion based articles or random news and talk about it here. Then of course I toss my opinion on the matter and you guys create the discussion! If you guys would like to submit your own articles to be talked about here, comment below or feel free to email us!

Vampires! Oh my, what have you become! recently did a vampire article yesterday and they talk about some of the great Vampire movies that came out in the 1980’s. You know the time era before Twilight was ever even thought about? I noticed that every submission had a horror aspect to it, and that’s why I used to love Vampires. They used to be badass, and with movie like Underworld they are still cool. However with Twilight perhaps people are taking a new look upon them? What’s next? A movie called Dawn where a girl must choose between a zombie or a demon? Like totally!

PlayerAffinity Chooses Your TV Schedule

PlayerAffinity has done another “What to Watch” article and there are some rather good how on their list. Weeds and Haven are two show I have decided to watch as of late, but overall I am still trying to find that show that keeps my attention on a weekly basis. However I have a few shows of my own I would like to toss out there. If you are into reality TV, Hell’s Kitchen is heating up lately and I have recently become a big fan of NY Ink which has lead me to some mild interest in the new season of LA Ink. Sadly TLC decided to go with the drama of Kat and Jesse instead of what the show is supposed to be about, which got annoying fast. While Discovery Channel seems to be pushing Sons of Guns hard, there are also some good shows peeking through. Auction Kings is a rather interesting show about old antiques and of course auctions, and One Many Army is a bit fa fetched but somehow entertaining. Spike has what could be the only show I try to force into my schedule, Auction Hunters, and some other good ones including Repo Games and Scrapper. And of course if you are at all interested in Animation (like me) Cartoon Network’s new lineup is unbeatable.

Superman News Galore

This week both Collider and Couch Potato Club leaked out some early news for the upcoming Man of Steel, also known as Superman! I personally am really interested to see where this movie does and what it may become. Zach Snyder showed a lot of potential with Sucker Punch, even though most of you might disagree. The images that were released don’t show a whole lot, but being Zach I would assume you are looking at the beginning of a very slow motion sequence. Odds are in my favor huh? As for the synopsis, well it’s sounding like an origin story….oh joy.

Of course if you didn’t check out some of our own articles you can do that for more entertainment. We even had a rather hot article about Spider-Man this week! So what are your opinions on this week’s articles? Feel free to comment below! “One has died but fights at the gates of hell to stay with her, the other has come from hell to rescue her, who will she decide to choose? Dawn….”