TMP Christmas Wishlist 2010: What Do Movie Buffs Want?

TMP Christmas Wishlist 2010: What Do Movie Buffs Want?

In preparation for the holiday's the writers here at TMP decided it would be fun to share with you our most wanted items for Christmas.  Coming from all of us here at TheMoviePool our Christmas wishlist is something every movie buff and filmmaker can relate to.

Alien Anthology Blu-ray


Alien Anthology Blu-Ray set


Aliens is probably my favorite movie of all time. From the time I was a wee lad slamming a Queen alien action figure into a Drake action figure, I have felt a connection to the film. I’m a firm believer in practical in-camera special effects and Aliens is the film that most vindicates that position. I don’t care how much money James Cameron spent on Avatar, the Queen fight at the end of Aliens makes it look like SyFy original by comparison.


Alien, on the other hand, is the first major film from one of my favorite directors of all time. The deliberate pacing, suffocating atmosphere, and haunting lighting make for one of the greatest horror films of all time.


Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection are barely watchable, but the documentaries about the production of the films (especially Alien 3) are as interesting a look into what can go wrong with a movie as you’ll ever get.  I own the DVD copies of these films, but I simply need the HD treatment. Without seeing the Queen alien in high definition, I’m not sure I’ll be able to say I ever truly lived …




Maltese Falcon Replica


The Maltese Falcon Replica


Who wouldn't want to own the stuff that dreams are made of? Haunted Studios offers some very cool Hollywood items, including celebrity life masks, but the Maltese Falcon replica is a must for any classic film buff. Standing just under a foot tall, the black bird is an excellent conversation starter, especially with anyone who is able to recognize it from the classic film. It's made of polystone, with a screen-accurate black finish, and you can even order it wrapped like it was in the film, with shredded newspaper and a bag from the ship La Paloma.




Home Theater


LG CF3D Projector, Firehawk screen by Stewart Filmscreen, and a couple of Berkline 12003 Reno Black Leather Armchairs


Some of us here at TMP aren't content with just one wishlist item.  We all have or know the movie 'snobs' in our lives; you know, the ones who have the most ridiculously awesome movie setup in their home before they can watch anything.  Well if that person is close to you, or you just want a sweet Christmas for yourself, you might have to buy this combo for the holidays.  All of these are a little pricey, but hey, that's why it's called a wishlist.


LG CF3D Projector - This movie projector is one of the best around (it should be for $15K!), and features HD beyond even 1080p as well as the latest 3D technology built right into it.  With an aspect ratio of 7000:1, this digital projector will make even your movie theater pale by comparison.  With it, you'll be able to enjoy movies they way they're supposed to be seen.


Firehawk Screen - Really, what good is a super-charged, state of the art projector unless you've got a great screen to showcase your movies on.  While some will use any ol' background, you might want to take a gander at this screen.  Featuring a lighter shade of gray, the Firehawk gives off deeper tones of black (the key to great HD picture) and even helps cut down on light reflection.


Berkline 12003 Reno Armchairs - Honestly, we just have to throw these into the mix.  You can't have the most awesome projector/screen setup in the neighborhood and be sitting on regular chairs.  These aren't like any other recliners and are designed with the specific intent of being theater chairs.  These bad boys feature a motorized recliner, cup holders, and even storage space in the armrests for your remotes and anything else you'd need.  On top of that, a free tray table that slides into a slot by the cup holders is included with them.




Scene It?


Scene It? Turner Classic Movie Editon


Looking for something for the classic movie fan in your life? Scene It?: Turner Classic Movie Channel Edition may very well be your answer. Like the original Scene It?, the TCM edition is a DVD board game that combines the chance of a classic board game with the players' ability to remember Old Hollywood trivia. From the looks of it there's enough well-know classic film trivia (i.e. The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca) that your average movie fan will enjoying playing it just as much as those of us who are addicted to TCM.




Star Wars wall mural


Star Wars Wall Mural


Of course a Star Wars item would be on this list, and for it, I decided to choose something every fan, and movie buff could really appreciate: wall murals.  Who needs posters when you can get one of these to post up around your entire wall?  The idea is pretty simple, and works like the Fathead wall stickers (the life sized ones).  They post up on the wall, and unlike wall paper, can be easily taken down.  They could be a neat addition to your movie watching room, and since most of the companies making these also do other movies outside of Star Wars you won't have to stay within the galaxy far, far away.  The real trick now is getting your significant other to let you post it up!




Replica Ruby Slippers


Wizard of Oz Poster and Replica Slippers


Hmm..  my movie buff wishlist would consist of two items:  An original Wizard of Oz movie poster accompanied by a pair of replica ruby slippers.  It’s one of my favorite films from childhood, and I just cannot help but perk up when around anything Oz related.  The first item would, of course, go on the wall next to my movie shelves as a cinematic tribute to the good old days.  I would say that the slippers are for show, but that would be a lie.  If one has ruby slippers, one must try them on and perform a private/public show from the fabulous musical soundtrack.  Have fun and feel pretty!  This is why I chose replica instead of shooting for the originals as I am sure Judy Garland’s shoes would not fit over my big toe.  And no Gabriel you cannot borrow them!




Star Trek Pizza Cutter


Star Trek Pizza Cutter


Be honest, haven't you always dreamt of cutting a pizza with the turbo power of the U.S.S Enterprise?  Hmm... maybe it's only me.  Regardless, this is a practical and cheap gift for every Trek geek out there, and we need more geek cutlery to be used in the kitchen. Can't wait to use the Death Star as a salt shaker.




Dark Knight


The Dark Knight - Laser Engraved Signature Plaque


A gorgeous piece of memorabilia treasure, this plaque is a must have for Batman fans, Chris Nolan fans, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Joker, DC, or any other fan.  Capturing a pivotal moment in the film, the first real meeting between the Dark Knight and the agent of chaos, the Joker, the image sets an immediate tone and conjures very specific emotions.  Below the image are the laser engraved signatures of the film's leads, Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger.






Canon 5D Mark II


I thought a lot about what I would put on my Christmas Wishlist and although I love a good movie I just had to go another route. I doubt I'll be helping anyone with their Holiday shopping here but who knows. Something I would really like to get my hands is the Canon 5D Mark ll. I'm not a DSLR shooter but there has been so much talk about these cameras, and the 7D, being used on low budget short and feature projects that I would really like to get familiar with them. If for nothing else than smaller projects - or TMP content. To take it up a notch it would be nice to have a week with some Cinema Style Prime Lenses to really get a feel for what the camera can do. Come to think of it the Canon 5D really isn't that expensive, so if there are any parents out there with an aspiring filmmaker in the family (hopefully one that doesn't live in your basement at 30) then this might be a great gift to get them started - or get them out of your house!