6 Movies That Really Need A Blu-Ray Version

6 Movies That Really Need A Blu-Ray Version

The past week saw one of the biggest announcements Star Wars fans have been waiting for: that the entire Saga is coming to blu-ray in September.  It's something fans have been anticipating for a while, and with the blu-ray format becoming so prominent, many wondered why it had taken so long to happen.  This announcement got me to thinking; what other big movies have yet to make the switch?  So I've made a list of the movies that we truly need in the HD format, but have yet to make any announcements.

Aladdin Blu-ray


Really, I probably could have filled this entire list with movies from the Disney Vault.  There are so many classics that haven't made the transition yet, and fans are clamoring for them all.  The recent reveal about Beauty and the Beast and Lion King coming to blu-ray this year is amazing, but it only served to point out that we're still missing some great movies.  Among them is Aladdin.  How this hasn't hit blu-ray yet is beyond me.  Honestly I figured this would have been one of Disney's first transfers.  As of now, we're still waiting for any word on it.

Titanic blu-ray


Say what you will about James Cameron's second biggest film, but it's hard to deny how huge this movie was.  While it can be sappy at times, the movie is still really good and entertaining to watch.  I mean, there's a reason it was #1 for over a decade.  Surprisingly, despite Avatar's big blu-ray success, Titanic has yet to see an HD transfer.  However, with the actual ship's sinking 100th anniversary coming up, more than likely we'll be hearing some sort of announcement to coincide with that.  The movie is still visually impressive, so seeing this on blu-ray would be a treat for the fans.

Jaws blu-ray


Are you kidding me?  I can't believe nothing has been done with this movie yet on the HD format.  This movie was a classic and firmly established Steven Spielberg as one of the best directors of all time.  So why is it that there are so many of his films that haven't been given a proper blu-ray treatment (seriously, most of this list is him)?  It's mind-boggling.  While Jaws hasn't aged incredibly well visually, the story-telling is still masterful and enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seat.  All-in-all a perfect addition to the blu family.

Pulp Fiction blu-ray

Pulp Fiction

It's well known that I don't really care for Quentin Tarantino.  In fact, I can't stand the man.  The only film I ever thought he did well with was Pulp Fiction.  This was a true showing of talent, and even I had a hard time not liking it.  With as many Tarantino and Pulp Fiction fans as there are, it's easy to see why there is so much demand for this film on blu-ray.  But, as with all things, Tarantino is going to do things according to his own schedule.  With several of his other films finally getting the treatment, it shouldn't be long before Pulp Fiction gets one...right?

Indiana Jones blu-ray

Iniana Jones (Trilogy)

I know I'm kind of cheating by using a trilogy instead of individual films on this list, but I think people will agree with me.  I say 'trilogy' because the latest film (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) is already out on blu-ray.  So while the fourth film, which many didn't enjoy as much, is out on blu-ray the first three amazing films are sitting around doing nothing.  Truly this is a collection people have been anticipating almost as much as Star Wars.  Undoubtedly when this hits, we'll get a ridiculous amount of bonus extras that we've never seen before, and that's a possibility that keeps fans like me drooling.  Since Lucasfilm is also behind Indiana Jones, it's likely we'll get an announcement on the heels of the Star Wars release.  It might not be until next year, but I would expect to hear something soon.

Jurassic Park blu-ray

Jurassic Park (Tirlogy)

Right after Star Wars (and the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions), the Jurassic Park films are the highest on my personal list of movies I want on blu-ray.  The first film was such a defining moment in the industry and helped launched the CGI movement.  The second film took things even further and gave us some great thrills.  The third one...well, it wasn't as good, but I still really enjoyed it.  Seeing these movies on blu-ray would be phenomenal.  Include some bonus making-of features (of which there's not enough), perhaps a look into the what's going on with the 4th film, and you've got an incredible box-set.  With the new videogame in the works, new toys on the market, and interest for this property on the rise, let's hope to hear word on this blu-ray in the near future.

There are so many other movies that could go on this list, but I'd say the ones above are the most in demand from fans.  We've been waiting a long time for these highly anticipated titles.  With blu-ray becoming more and more common (with the price of players finally dropping down) hopefully it won't be long before we see these on store shelves.  We've already got Alien, Back to the Future, and Star Wars so let's get the rest of them taken care of!