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Hasbro Is Taking the Revolution to Plastic

I throw around the term must have pretty every year around SDCC time. Could it be more my greed or a genuine fell that something is a onetime only thing? Well while you, me, and my therapist debate that let me tell you about this must have item for SDCC 2017.

IDW ran a crossover series called Revolution combing character from several properties in one event. And if you were a fan of Transformers, Rom, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K and Micronauts with some Visionaries thrown in for good measure, well you were one happy nerd. 


So fast forwarding to the now this set from Hasbro available at their booth this year will have 16 characters from that crossover. Want that elusive leader class Jetfire? Here he is with an all new paint job. Need an updated Roadblock figure, all yours here. Did you miss out on the Matt Tracker from the G.I. Joe line a few years ago? He’s here too! Also we get a brand new ROM Spaceknight figure in that that G.I. Joe scale with a Dire Wraith. Now here’s where things get really awesome. If you remember the series Visionaries, and you may not, Leoric the leader of the Spectral Knights will get his first new action figure in a while with his power staff. You’re also getting 9 Micronauts and an Action Man figure updated to his comic form. 



This set will run $99.99 it has immediately jumped up to my must have list. If you miss out on it at the convention limited numbers will be available on www.hasbrotoyshop.com. As for me, the hunt is on!

-Jason The X


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