Official Images for Transformers: Power of the Primes

Official Images for Transformers: Power of the Primes

Hascon is happening as we speak and there are some great items being shown to the attending public. There are some big things coming from Transformers as they start show you the Power of the Primes.

New images from Hasbro reveal what they have been teasing for a few weeks now. The new Power of the Primes line is looking like it going to be the best out of this trilogy consisting of Combiner Wars and Titans Return.  Now the big part of this line will be smaller bots that will unlock abilities on other bots giving them the power pf the Primes. And what a way to finish it than to update a fan favorite with some G1 flair yes folks it’s the Dinobots. Grimlock, Swoop, Slug, Snarl, Sludge, and Slash? Yes the Dinobots are getting a new partner in the legends scale with this new velociraptor bot. How can this get any better you ask? Well dust off your fanfiction, but they can combine. We’ll also see our first figure that unlocks the power with Micronus Prime Master. This one is going to give us some Pretender and Targetmaster nostalgia. Lastly we’re getting a new Leader Class Optimus Prime that’s will have a separate mode so we can see the Autobot leader before he was chosen to be a Prime. The figure will have a separate mode of Orion Pax. Oh and no trailer disappearing here, it will all combine with the larger form. I’m excited to get some of these because they really appeal to an older fan base while giving some great updates for classic characters. Look for most of the line coming this Fall of 2017 and the Optimus Prime coming along in the Spring of 2018.

Dinobot Slash



Dinobot Slug


Dinobot Swoop


Dinobot Snarl


Dinobot Sludge








Optimus Prime


Orion Pax