Official Images from Hasbro Reveals at NYCC

Official Images from Hasbro Reveals at NYCC

Hasbro has sent over some official images from Star Wars, Marvel Legends, and new Mighty Muggs. Take a look inside at some of these great figures.

First off Hasbro’s Star Wars line has some pretty good stuff coming that are sure to make more than a few fans happy. First off that is not Atsy from Star Wars The Force Awakens that is C'Ai Threnalli another  Abednedo male fighter pilot. Let’s not get confused here folks. Also a tow pack with Finn and Captain Phasma  with Finn in a First Order Officer uniform. Probably going to be a certain part in the movie where Finn gets recognized by the good captain he threw into a trash compactor. Also bounty hunters are coming with 4-LOM and Dengar added to the 6 inch line. Also Lando gets his second figure in this line in his Jabba’s palace disguise. A new character DJ played by Benicio Del Toro who is a slicer with no allegiance to be introduced in Episode 8. Finally Rey gets another figure in her attire we saw at the end of The Force Awakens.




Marvel Legends Is adding some new characters for an upcoming line some their first appearance in the six inch scale. First off Walgreens get another Fantastic Four exclusive with Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards. So long as there are interchangeable arms I’m going to need this one. Three down, one Thing to go. The Shiar captain of the guard Gladiator get some articulated art love and as one of my favorites I need this one. Any chance of getting all of the guard Hasbro? Prowler, Spider-Man Noir, and Taskmaster also get new figures with Taskmaster getting his second on his more classic outfit. And get ready to army build because the duplicating mutant Jaime Madrox or the Multiple Man will get s figure with three included heads. If you’re listening I could go for the whole X-Factor team in these uniforms. 







And lastly we get all new Mighty Mugs with a new face changing gimmick with characters from Marvel Comics properties and Star Wars. A nice change to the classic Mighty Muggs.STAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Darth_Vader_1.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Darth_Vader_2.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Darth_Vader_3.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Kylo_Ren_1.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Kylo_Ren_2.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Kylo_Ren_3.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Leia_1.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Leia_2.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Leia_3.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Luke_Skywalker_1.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Luke_Skywalker_2.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Luke_Skywalker_3.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Rey_1.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Rey_2.jpgSTAR_WARS_MIGHTY_MUGGS_Figure_Assortment_-_Rey_3.jpg