Activision Dominates Year End Sales; Destiny Top New IP


NPD announced their latest year end numbers and Activision wasted no time celebrating. According to numbers, Call of Duty is once again the best selling console title in the US for the 6th straight year. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare finished first, and had strong global numbers to go with it.

Second best selling console game went to, I bet you guessed it, Destiny! The game saw similar strength in numbers, and was actually the best selling new IP to date. Technically speaking Destiny came in third, behind Madden NFL 15, but Activision noted that when digital sales are include that it indeeds surpasses the title for second place. Thus showing all the more reason for NPD to track digital sales.

Un-official numbers indicate GTAV was right behind Destiny. If non-console titles are to be included, both version of Pokemon released this year toppled all of these games on the 3DS. In the UK, as expected, Fifa 15 took the honors of number 1 best selling title.

Meanwhile Watch Dogs came in shortly behind, which isn’t too bad considering it’s problems and being a new IP. Ubisoft as a whole had several top selling titles including Far Cry and Assassins Creed. EA titles included Titanfall (new IP), Fifa, Madden, and Battlefield 4. 

Activision may not have had as many titles, but they did indeed dominate the top spots. Even in the “childrens game” area Activision took top honors with Skylanders, which they state still has a “30 percent lead” over their “rival” game, aka Disney Infinity. They note that this franchise alone has grown to become a $2 billion dollar franchise. So their small gambles seem to be paying off large, and this year we can expect to see the return of Tony Hawk!