Assassin’s Creed Origins Shows You Where it All Began


Can I get my schedule cleared for October 27th because after all the leaks, Target selling pre order cards, some magazine companies just saying “Hey screw Ubisoft and release dates we not only get a trailer, we get gameplay for Assassin’s Creed Origins. Four years of work is looking pretty good here people. 

But I guess after all the spoilers Ubisoft said we want to show you how good the game actually looks so they gave us some gameplay as well.  You watch this, I’ll see you at the end.

This game finds you playing Bayek, a lawman in ancient Egypt that is represented in such detail and beauty but that’s always been a standard with these games in how hard they work to get things historically accurate. The first thing we see is the new hawk detection system where your avian companion gives you a flyover lay of the land telling you positions of enemies and obstacles in your path.  The bow and arrow work in midair look very good with a time stall assist. But then we get to the fighting which has received a revamp which Ubisoft claims will make fighting multiple enemies easier. The main one I like is the RPG element of leveling your character cause I enjoy bright flashes of that tell me I’ve gotten better.  Assassin’s Creed Origins looks fantastic and I am fully onboard the hype train.


-Jason The X