Battlefield 4 Teaser Site Releases


EA has been hinting at it for a while, and now it is confirmed that Battlefield 4 will be making an appearance at GDC next week. March 27th will be the official date to see gameplay, hopefully on next generation consoles as well. It is left to questions as to rather or not this means the next Xbox will be at the show as EA didn’t show off any games during Sony’s PS4 conference.

Well now you can head to the Official Site of Battlefield 4 and watch things slowly unlock. The more members that login the more info we will get, all leading up to the eventual reveal of the gameplay. Currently there is a teaser trailer and a cool foggy background. The background image will clear up once you login, along with the site handing you some dog tags for Battlefield 3.

We will keep you updated as more information and videos release!