Check Out Killzone Running Beautifully on Vita


You can check out the stellar trailer below to see how Killzone: Mercenary will be running on the PlayStation Vita. There are plenty of things to talk about with this.

The first being it is using the Killzone engine from the console games. Yep the Vita is using an engine to easily port over the series, and it looks beautiful! The game takes place shortly after the first title and follows a mercanary soldier that works for both sides of the battlefield. The game consists of 9 levels, but each level will take about an hour to complete. Reminds me of the long battles of the first Killzone! Being a Mercanary, you will also explore some events from the franchise on the PS3, so that sounds exciting!

The game also features 8 player online, a substantial upgrade from previous shooters that only boasted 4 players. Still somewhat small, but it might be able to be just as fun as big scales! Did I mention its using the same engine as Killzone 3?!

Check out the trailer: